Tough times.

For a friend going through a tough time ๐Ÿ’œ

Right now you are going through a situation that you think you won’t survive, but six months ago you were in a situation that you didn’t think you’d survive, and two years before that situation, you didn’t think you’d survive. The point is, you will always surprise yourself. you willย always make it through.

You can view this current process that you’re bravely going through in two ways:

1. You can look at it like you life is being torn apart. Like it will never get any better than this, you’re lost, confused, you’re stuck and nothing seems familiar or everything’s ending


2. You can embrace and truly feel every single step of the way, knowing that this is what was truly meant to happen. The lessons learnt from thisย will enable you to become the highest version of you. This will be the you who loves yourself so much and doesn’t settle for less than. Once the darkness has been lifted, you will see the light coming, and you will feel lighter, more free to make clear choices.

The journey isn’t going to change, what has happened was meant to happen, but you do get to decide how you view it. I hope with all my heart that you choose number two. It’s okay to be struggling, it’s okay to be sad or upset, but please know that you are not and will not fall apart. You will come back more radiant than ever. You deserve so much more than what life has offered you so far, it’s time to make a change, love yourself, and continue to be courageous in the face of uncertainty.



Inspired by @youareluminous



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