Some scattered thoughts

As I write this I’m sweaty from an hour of yoga (TMI?), but this is has been far from a success story this week. It’s been a weird one, that’s for sure, and I have only managed to practice twice this week. Not feeling great about that one. My lower back was certainly not my friend this morning after spending 4 straight days, pretty much 9-5 without standing up, writing my dissertation. I’m going to try so hard not to leave it that long again without going even 15 minutes most days stretching/yoga. I also need to find some will power to pull myself away from Prisonbreak, literally so addictive! Currently loving music by Martin Luke Brown to practice to – his voice literally makes me forget about everything else that’s going on.

Having said that, my boyfriend and I did go swimming on Wednesday evening, though, which makes it 6/7 weeks in a row I think! Firstly, this makes me quite proud of us seeing as our ideal night is spent with yummy food, watching the Fresh Prince of Bel Air on Netflix from beginning to end, or playing Mario Cart on the Wii (living life on the edge, aren’t we haha!). Secondly, I am sooo proud of him. From only going swimming on family holidays once or twice a year, he’s never been that into it, but in 6 weeks he’s come so far and got so much more confidence in the water. This might sound patronising but it really isn’t meant that way. We’ve found ourselves to really enjoy our Wednesday night swimming sessions, and actually look forward to it each week. Go us!

Also, this week wasn’t absolutely full of failures… I finished writing and editing my dissertation yesterday and it feels soooo good! I still have a heck of an essay to write before I graduate (fingers, toes and everything crossed), but this was the biggest thing I will probably ever have to work on. After thinking about it solidly for almost a whole year, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. Now to email it to myself, and everyone I know so that blooming thing doesn’t disappear before hand-in!

I wonder if any of my Instagram followers have found my blog yet, that’s a scary thought!

Shout out to whoever found their way through my scattered thoughts in this post, it feels good to write like this.


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