Finishing university

graduationI’ve been on a bit of a blogging hiatus for a couple of reasons but the main one is definitely my ongoing struggle to finish my last few uni assignments. With my dissertation completed and handed in and one last essay to finish before next week, I am finally starting to feel more relaxed and not constantly think about what work I should be doing. Anyone who has been to uni or even had to work to deadlines knows this feeling – the “instead of watching Hollyoaks and scrolling mindlessly through Instagram, I could have written 500 more words…” feeling.

My time at uni wasn’t exactly what you might expect of a student. Firstly, I stayed at home and commuted everyday which meant I ‘missed out’ on the halls experience which to me seems like making new friends everyday for six months, and four nights out a week for a year. To be honest, even if I had moved away, I would have struggled with more than two nights out a week anyway. And I wouldn’t describe myself as a much of a social butterfly, so I probably wouldn’t have got a lot out of the halls experience overall. I also saved a LOT of money by staying at home for the three years. I’ve been lucky that mum is very generous with my rent!

Now I’m at the end of third year, first year seems like such a doss! I had triple the amount of time in lectures which sucked, but the 1000 word essays that I would stress about and stay in the library until late for a week to finish could be written in a few days now! I’ve also missed having 5 questions to choose from to write about though – I definitely took those for granted now I’ve had to make my up own topics for a year. I haven’t missed the seminar sessions though which were full of awkward silences when the lecturer asked questions, especially when only 3 people turned up out of 15!

I guess what I’m trying to say is that uni has had more ups and downs than I can count, but I’m so glad I did it. I am pretty proud of myself for sticking with it. Who knows, if the grades carry on coming as they are, I could actually get a first! (Touch wood!!)

For now though, time to get back to writing my last ever essay and prepare for my new job! Bring on the next challenge!


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